Krems Austria. Site specific intervention
Fenster in die Landschaft
Powered by : ORTE Architekturnetzwerk Niederösterreich
Architecture Network Lower Austria
Opening august 2014

Cleveland Public Library
Drawing lines. Site specific intervention
Eastman Garden
AHA! Light Festival
Cleveland, USA
Opening: June 2014

Palace of Fine Arts. Architecture Museum. Exhibition.
Mexican Pavilion at La 56a Biennale di Venezia, contest
Mexico City

Exhibition. ARTE / SANO ÷ ARTISTAS 3.O
Caja Real San Luis Potosi / Itinerary exhibition
The exhibition brings together the work of craftsmen,
artists, designers and architects from all over
Mexico who worked together to create art
pieces made with different concepts and techniques
Historic center SLP
10th April 2014 - July 27th 2014

Coexistence. Cross Gallery.
Taipei Treasure Hill Artist Village
Taipei, Taiwan

Exhibition. Taipei Lantern Festival
Art exhibition at THAV
Ivan Juarez participates on the Art Exhibition Taipei Lantern Festival
The Lantern Festival is a traditional festival in Chinese Culture
and is held each year on the 15th of the first month on the lunar calendar.

International exhibition. Above MM
Spain – Mexico
x-studio: : Ivan Juarez is taking part of the
international exhibition Above MM
an itinerary exhibition between Mexico and Spain
Spain : Barcelona, Madrid
Mexico : Puebla, Queretaro, Mexico City
curated by Rec Arquitectura, Mexico
and Zuloark, Spain

Orange County Courthouse
Memorial finalist Project exhibition
OC California, USA

Exhibition. ARTE / SANO ÷ ARTISTAS 3.O
Museo de Arte Popular (MAP) /Museum of Popular Art
Historic center of Mexico City
2013 - 2014

Sketch, New York. Exhibition
Center Gallery
Fordham University, Lincoln Center campus
New York, NY
Ivan Juarez participates in the International Exhibition Sketch, organized

Site specific Intervention. Historic Center
UASLP, Mexico
January 2013

Passage. Paper Lights
Contemporary Art Museum (MAC) SLP, Mexico

Arquia. Nuevos Formatos
A Coruña Museum of Fine Arts, Spain

Wather Path
Red Mill Gallery, Vermont USA

Work in progress.
Centro Cultural Bicentenario, UASLP, Mexico

EPHEMERAL. Living Alternatives
Exhibition Gallery Arquerías Nuevos Ministerios.
Dream House, project made within ex-studio
Curator: Carmen Blasco
Madrid, Spain

Open Dag studios
Nordic Artists' Centre Dalsåsen, Norway

Gallery UASLP University, San Luis Potosí, México
State Founds for Culture and Arts, Mexico

SUBURBS around the world
Arkitekternes Hus Copenhagen
Project: Flow, Bilbao Jardín, rail bridge, SLP
Curator: Pernille León

20th November Prize
Centro de Difusión Cultural, SLP

Biblioteca Vasconselos

Creation in movement. Young Creators
National Fund for Arts and Culture of Mexico (FONCA)
Project: VCZ : BCN
Mexico DF

Museo Experimental El Eco
Mexico, DF

Medellín, Colombia

Architectural League of New York. Gallery
Foresight . Young Architects exhibition

Museo del Crudo di San Sperate
Curator and design exhibition
Omaggio a David Alfaro Siqueiros
Sardinia , Cagliari, Italy
In collaboration with: Sala de Arte Publico Siqueiros and Studio di Architettura Officinevida

Contractworld.award. exhibition
Deutche Messe
Hannover, Germany

Landscape architecture and urban gardening exhibition
Lausanne, Switzerland

EACC. Espai d' Art Contemporani de Castelló
Urban Refuges. Intervention at the museum's front façade
Exhibition: REACTIVATE!! Remodeled spaces and minimal interventions
An exhibition organized by the Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel (S AM )
Curators: Francesca Ferguson (Germany) and Pepe Ballesteros (Spain)

Contemporary Art exhibition, Madrid

Exhibition. Design Laboratory Injuve.
Sala Amadis, Madrid,
Curator: Marcelo Leslabay

International Landscape Prize
Torsanlorenzo, Rome, Italy

Lausannejardins. exhibition
Anciens locaux PCL, Lausanne, Switzerland

Giving Shelter, Exhibition
Gallery 516Arts.
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Young Architects exhibition
College of Architects of Catalonia, Barcelona and Olot

Pavilhão Temporário. Architecture + fashion design
Portugal Traveling : Cascais- Porto- Algarve- Madeira

European Landscape Biennial: "Storm & stress"
College of Architects of Catalonia. Barcelona.

Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne

Creation in movement. Young Creators

Teatro de la Paz, Gallery, San Luis Potosí, Mexico
National Found for Culture and Arts, Mexico (FONCA)

Centro Cultural . El Matadero. Huesca, Spain
Water shape exhibition

Fototeca de Veracruz, Mexico
Photography exhibition La Huaca

International Exhibition Bilbaogarden 2007
Landscape architecture and urban gardening exhibition
Bilbao, Spain

44 Young Architects. exhibition
Centro de Arte Santa Monica. Barcelona

Ciutat. Barcelona projecta. exhibition
Forum Barcelona Building
Urbanistic interventions in Barcelona (plaza Lesseps Project)

Emerging Architects

Royal institute of British Architects (RIBA)
Londres, UK

Exhibition . National Prize for Young Spanish Designers
Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain

Young Spanish Creators
Exhibition Space Green Space, Valencia, Spain.

Artistic Interventions in the Public Space.
Navacerrada, Madrid, Spain

European Landscape Biennial
College of Architects of Catalonia. Barcelona.

Habitat Valencia Forward
International Furniture Fair, Valencia, Spain

Casale Marittimo, Tuscany, Italy
Curator: Enamuele Guidi, Kforumvienna

Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne, France
Spanish Pavilion

Display, Art in Public Space
Vienna, Austria
Curator: kforumvienna

Okuparte, Art and City
Huesca, Spain

BAC. Barcelona Contemporary Art
Exhibition Lost in Paradise
At Umbracle Parc de la Ciutadella
Barcelona, Spain