Nest Architectures
Navacerrada, Madrid, Spain
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First prize . Artistic Intervention on the Public Space Competition in Navacerrada

The contemporary city, has modified the nature surrounding it, altering the relationship between constructed and unconstructed contexts, diluting and extending the limits of the city in an undefined undefined way and forcing nature to abandon its intrinsic character. This transformation from the natural landscape into artificial landscape has generated mixed environments of contact and transition between both surroundings.

The project Nest Architectures, situated on the border between the Guadarrama mountain range and the city of Madrid, is the realization of an inverse exercise of intervention in urban and natural spaces that explores new aspects to redefine those borders. The work creates a new hybrid landscape, built with vertical wood elements that create a new artificial forest—a forest to be walked through, and, at the same time, be a housing complex for the mountain's inhabitants: birds.

We proposed for Nest Architectures to be an open and unpredictable work that leaves space for new encounters, without having direct control of them. In this way, the piece has a dialogue with the landscape, reflecting new ways of coexistence and passage between the natural and the built surroundings and creating new readings that establish a dialogue between nature, man, and his space.

The work is formed of 14 wooden pieces of different heights (from 4.30m up to 6.50m) in which the two elements support and volume work as one homogeneous wooden piece. The wood defines the cycle of transformation of the piece in which the process of change determines the physical conception of the work. With the passage of time, the piece will transform together with the surrounding landscape.

Project made within ex-studio by Ivan Juárez and Patricia Meneses

Collaborators: Jovana Bandow
Mareike Ritcher