CEPT University. Center for Environmental Planning and Technology
Research & Teaching Fellowship. India
Ivan Juarez has been named the recipient of the CEPT University Research & Teaching Fellowship.
The fellowship is awarded annually to an emerging graduated from outside India to teach at the University. The fellow is able to contribute to the discourse on Human Habitat, which is the core of the University's mission.
July 2016- July 2017

Harvard University. Graduate School of Design
Daniel Urban Kiley Teaching Fellowship
Recognized as one of the three Finalists
May 2016

Contexts. Architecture, Nature and Culture
Diploma Course. Guest Professor
Michoacan University
with the support of the Secretariat of Culture Mexico
Morelia, Mexico
May 2016

LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum
Cyprus, Greece
16th-20th March 2016

Jon Schueler Residency Programme
Ivan Juarez has been selected for the shortlist
Sabhal Mòr Ostaig
March 2016

Prize. Regional Biennial Mexico FCARM
Category: Cultural Spaces
February 27th 2016

Visiting Professor. Master Landscape Architecture
Szent István University
Faculty of Landscape Architecture
Budapest, Hungary
February 2016- June 2016
Soulangh Artist Village
Artists in Residence Program, selected artist
Tainan, Taiwan
January 2016


BAU International Berlin, University of Applied Sciences
Faculty of Design
November 2015

Special Mention

x-studio has obtained a Special Mention for its Lighting design at Treasure Hill Village, Taipei, Taiwan.
The international city.people.light award is competition created by Philips and LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International) to reward urban lighting projects that are attempting to
rehumanize the urban environment through the use of light and exploring ways to maximize sustainability and improve the livability in the city.
Given in Helsinki, 25th September , 2015

Visiting Professor. Master Landscape Architecture
Corvinus University of Budapest
Faculty of Landscape Architecture
Budapest, Hungary
September 2015- January 2016

Oxford Brookes University
School of Architecture, UK
7th September 2015

Exhibition. ARTE / SANO ÷ ARTISTAS 3.O
Capilla de Arte
Universidad de las Américas de Puebla, Mexico
8th October 2015- 24th January 2016

CECUT- Cultural Center Tijuana, Mexico
1st March 2015- 26th May 2015

Touching buildings
x-studio projects part of
Anna Katarina Bauder´s Master Thesis
Design for Sustainable Developement, MPDSD
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
June 2015

Lecture at FUGA. Budapest Center of Architecture
Budapesti Építészeti Központ
Budapest, Hungary
28th April 2015

Lecture. Corvinus University of Budapest
Faculty of Landscape Architecture
Budapest, Hungary
20th April 2015


National System of Art Creators (SNCA)
Ivan Juarez has been selected as member of the National System of Art Creators Through the Mexican National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA)
October 2012-2015

Corvinus University of Budapest Faculty of Landscape Architecture
MLA Master of Arts in Landscape Architecture
Academic stay
Budapest, Hungary
September- December 2014

Fenster in die Landschaft, Austria
Opening Site specific intervention
Powered by : ORTE Architekturnetzwerk Niederösterreich
Architecture Network Lower Austria
Krems Austria
August 2014

III Mexican Biennial of Landscape Architecture
Honourable Mention - Eco-hotel in Tulum
Given by Mexican Society of Landscape Architects
June 2014
and given by the National Autonomous University of Mexico

I Latin American Biennial of Landscape Architecture
Prize winner - Wawa Pukllay (Kids Playing)-, Peru
First Prize winner. Project Wawa Pukllay (Kids Playing), Peru
Project made together with
architects and students from Latin American Social Workshop
Ichupampa, Peru
Prize given by Mexican Society of Landscape Architects
and given by the National Autonomous University of Mexico
June 2014

ORTE. Architekturnetzwerk Niederösterreich
Architecture Network Lower Austria
Ivan Juarez has been selected to conceive a site-specific intervention at
Architekturnetzwerk Niederösterreich
Krems, Austria
June- August 2014

Lecture. IG Architektur
Vienna, Austria
24th June 2014

Cleveland Public Library
Drawing lines. Site specific intervention
Eastman Garden
AHA! Light Festival
Cleveland, USA
Opening: June 2014

Sensory Landscapes workshop
Center of the Arts of Queretaro (CEART)
Organized by the National Council for Culture and the Arts (Conaculta)
27th May – May 30th 2014

Lecture. Enadii, Mexico
National Encounter of Architectural, Interior and Industrial Design
Guanajuato, Mexico
May 14th 2014

Exhibition. ARTE / SANO ÷ ARTISTAS 3.O
Itinerary exhibition / Caja Real San Luis Potosi
The exhibition brings together the work of craftsmen, artists, designers and architects from all over Mexico who worked together to create art pieces made with different concepts and techniques
Historic center SLP
10th April 2014 - July 27th 2014

International Jury
World Architecture Community Awards
Ivan Juarez has been invited as a jury for the World Architecture Community Awards
April 2014

Palace of Fine Arts. Architecture Museum. Exhibition.
Mexican Pavilion at La 56a Biennale di Venezia, contest
Mexico City
March 10th 2014

Jury -Intimacy- Art Installation contest
Cutter magazine
Ivan Juarez has been invited as a jury
to select the art installation for the
Exhibition – Intimacy-
March 2014

Taipei, Treasure Hill Artist Village (THAV)
Artist residency
Ivan Juarez has been selected to conceive a site-specific intervention at Treasure Hill Artist Village (THAV), a village which is listed as the first "historic architectural community" by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei
Taipei, Taiwan
January- February 2014

Exhibition. Taipei Lantern Festival
Art exhibition at THAV
Ivan Juarez participates on the Art Exhibition Taipei Lantern Festival
The Lantern Festival is a traditional festival in Chinese Culture and is held each year on the 15th of the first month on the lunar calendar.
February 15th 2014

International exhibition. Above MM
Spain – Mexico
x-studio: : Ivan Juarez is taking part of the international exhibition Above MM an itinerary exhibition between Mexico and Spain curated by Rec Arquitectura, Mexico and Zuloark, Spain

Lecture. Tamkang University Taipei (TKU)
Department of Architecture
Taipei, Taiwan
February 18th 2014

Lecture. Taipei National Institute of the Arts
School of Fine Arts.
Lecture . Ephemeral Landscapes 瞬 間 景 觀
Taipei, Taiwan
January 9th 2014

Project presentation. Tulum City Municipality
Tulum, Landscape and urban strategies for Sustainable Development
Presentation to the City Municipality
The project has been developed under supervision of Ivan Juarez
together with university students of Urban and Landscape Design, UASLP
15th January 2014

Book Arquine.
Lo mejor del siglo XXI vol.5. Arquitecturas mexicanas
The best of XXI Century vol 5. Mexican Contemporary Architectures
College of Architects Building. Selection book
73 Architecture Best works
Arquine, Mexico
January 2014 (Publication)


Article. FacdeArq magazine
Sensory Landscapes article by Ivan Juarez
Oaxaca, Mexico
December 2013

Exhibition. ARTE / SANO ÷ ARTISTAS 3.O
Museo de Arte Popular (MAP) /Museum of Popular Art. The exhibition brings together the work of craftsmen, artists, designers and architects from all over Mexico who worked together to create art pieces made ​​with different concepts and techniques
Historic center of Mexico City 23th November 2013 -23th February 2014

Finalist. Orange County Crime Victims' Memorial Design Competition
Crime Victims' Memorial at William R. Mason Regional Park
The project Water poems, sky mirrors has been recognized
as one of fiver Distinguished Finalists
California, USA
November 2013

Lecture. Foro Urbano 2013 (Urban Forum 2013)
Instituto Municipal de Planeación de los Cabos (IMPLAN)
Congress theme: From actors to authors in the city:
Strategy implementation and study cases
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico
28th – 30th November

Article. Metalocus magazine
Water Path. x-studio
Madrid, Spain
8th November 2013

Article. Metalocus magazine
Roots, 90 years 90 trees
Madrid, Spain
6th November 2013

Article. Design Boom
cactaceae . x-studio : : Ivan Juarez
Madrid, Spain
6th November 2013

Workshop + exhibition. Sensory Landscapes
University Center for the Arts (CUART)
Ivan Juarez has been co-director and co-curator
of the workshop and exhibition Sensory Landscapes
which has been held at The Hacienda Vallumbroso (workshop)
and at The University Center for the Arts (CUART)
SLP, Mexico
October 2013

Cactaceae. Site specific intervention
Semi-desert, Tropic of Cancer Mexico
x-studio has conceived the site specific intervention
Cataceae in Mexico
October 2013

Workshop. Light design and scenic design
City Theater La Paz
La Paz, Baja California, Mexico
14th-19th September

Lecture. College of Architects San Miguel de Allende
Architect week Congress
keynote speech
Congress theme: Alternative Interventions Strategies
Angela Peralta Theater.
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato
5th September 2013

Lecture. Michoacan University of Saint Nicholas of Hidalgo
keynote speech
Creators Encounter Congress
Congress theme: Landscape Architecture
Morelia, Mexico
4th September 2013

Lecture. Architecture and Urban Culture Center (CCAU)
Guadalajara, Mexico
29th August 2013

CEMEX Building Award
The College of Architects building has obtained the CEMEX Building Award 2013 a contest created by CEMEX, which every year seeks to award the best of architecture in Mexico
July 2013

Cleveland Public Library's Eastman Reading Garden
Downtown Cleveland - first visit site
Work in progress – designing the temporary Art Installation
for the light festival AHA
Cleveland, USA
July 2013

World Architecture Community Awards
Winner of 20+10+X 14th Cycle.
The project Water path has been selected as a Top 20 Award winner of the World Architecture Community Awards
June 2013

MIK. Art installation
Ivan Juarez has been invited by Departamento de Diseño Mexicano to create an installation for MIK a contemporary art exhibition which proposes an encounter between Mexican traditions and Contemporary Art.
The exhibition will be held in November 2013

Article. El Pais. Newspaper
"Poetry and prose of the landscape". Iván Juárez
by Pilar Gómez-Centurión
El Pais, Spain
May 14th, 2013

Lecture . Universidad Católica de Santa María
Congress Latin American Architects
Arequipa, Perú
March 24th , 2013

Workshop Waka Pukllay
Latin American social workshop
Ivan Juarez has participated as a tutor
Ichupampa, Colca Valley
The Andes, Peru
From March 25th to May 7th, 2013

Dakar. workshop
Ivan Juarez has been selected by Collectif Artistes Plasticiens
to participate in the International workshop TGD10
which will be held in Dakar
Senegal, Africa, 2013

x-studio + LAND studio Cleveland, USA
The Joyce Awards
x-studio has been invited by LAND studio, a Cleveland non-profit dedicated to creating places and connecting people through public art, to collaborate together creating an installation for a light festival in Downtown Cleveland called AHA, with the support of The Joyce Awards
Cleveland, USA, 2013

Museo de Arte Popular . exhibition
Arte/sano ÷ Artistas
Ivan Juarez has been invited by the Museo de Arte Popular in Mexico to participate at
Arte/sano ÷ Artistas, an exhibition that integrates craftsmen and contemporary artists in a single art project

Lecture. Experiences
Semana Facultad del Hábitat
Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi (UASLP)
Habitat Faculty , Mexico
May 17th 2013

Sketch, New York. Exhibition
Center Gallery
Fordham University, Lincoln Center campus
New York, NY
Ivan Juarez participates in the International Exhibition Sketch, organized by
New York-based d3, surveys contemporary conceptual design process across
the disciplines.
February -March 2013

Latin American social workshop, Peru
Ivan Juarez has been selected as one of 15 Architecture professors to direct
the Latin American social workshop which will be held in Arequipa, Peru
January 2013

Site specific Intervention. Historic Center
UASLP, Mexico
January 2013

Codigo magazine
Article x-studio Ivan Juarez
January 2013

Cité de les curiosités, Marseille, France
Ivan Juarez has been recognized as one of four distinguished finalists.
Cité de les curiosités is a Workshop from Euroméditerranée Marseille-Provence 2013,
initiated by the Fondation d'Entreprise Logirem, whose implementation was continued since 2010 by
Sextant et plus
December 2012

Work in progress. Exhibition
College of Architects building exhibition at
Centro Cultural Bicentenario
December 2012

Arquia Proxima 12
Green Tower has been selected to be part of the 120 Young Architects Best works
Fundación Caja de Arquitectos. Spain
Exhibition: A Coruña Museum of Fine Arts
October 2012

Triangle Arts Center, New York
New York visit. Hosted by Triangle Arts Center
Robert Sterling Clark, Fellowship
October 2012

Red Mill Gallery, Vermont Studio Center, USA
Exhibition Ivan Juarez at Red Mill Gallery
October 2012

Lowe Lecture Hall, Vermont Studio Center
Ivan Juarez, Presentation
September 2012

Vermont Studio Center, Residency
Robert Sterling Clark, Fellowship
September-November 2012

Water Path
Site specific intervention, Gihon River
September 2012

Arquine 61
The project Baixa Mar,
has been published in Arquine Magazine, Mexico
September 2012

Contemporary Art Museum SLP (MAC)
Site Specific Intervention Passage, paper lights
September 2012

Årbok 2011, Norway
Book Edition Nordic Artists' Centre Dalsåsen

Habitat Faculty, UASLP
Lecture: Brasil, una mirada
Aula Magna, Habitat Faculty
August 2012

Topos 79
International Review of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
Front Cover, small scale interventions
Front cover and Ivan Juarez´s article

Brazil, Faculdade de Arquitetura - Universidade Federal da Bahia
Lecture . Paisagens Efêmera
August 2012

Baixa Mar
Site specific intervention in Itaparica, Bahia, Brazil
August 2012

Brazil. Institute Sacatar Residency
Fellowship at Institute Sacatar
Itaparica Island, in Salvador de Bahia
June-August 2012

Folly, Socrates Sculpture Park NY. International Ideas Competition
The project Cone Shelter has been recognized as one of three distinguished finalists.
A project organized by Socrates Sculpture Park and the Architectural League
New York
March 2012

I-Park Foundation. Grant
Ivan Juarez has obtained the Grant I-Park Foundation
to develop a site specific project
at Open Air Laboratory
Connecticut, USA
March 2012

Brazil. Institute Sacatar Fellowship
Ivan Juarez has obtained the Fellowship Institute Sacatar
to develop a site specific project
at Itaparica Island, in Salvador de Bahia
March 2012

Lecture + workshop . Universidad de Celaya. Guanajuato
Emergente Efimero
Iván Juárez director of the workshop Emergente Efímero
At Universidad de Celaya together with Architecture, Interior Design and Industrial Design
March 2012

Ecole Superieure de la Nature Paysage, France + x-studio, Mexico
x-studio, Ivan Juarez and The Ecole Superieure de la Nature Paysage, France have signed a practice intership contract.
March 2012

Vision Magazine, China
The article Inner Forest by Zhang Jia has been Published
In Vison Magazine, China
March 2012

Hábitat magazine. publication
Article: Intervenir el paisaje, La visión de Ivan Juárez
By Antonio Gorab
March 2012

First Prize . College of Architects Building SLP. Ideas competition
A project made in co-autorship with Antonio Gorab, Juan Manuel Lozano de Po and Manuel Márquez
23th January 2012

Monterrey Institute of Technology, campus Queretaro
20th January 2012

Arquine. blog
Article: Instalación + naturaleza
by Olympia Frangos
January 19th

Plataforma de Arquitectura
Article: Refugios Urbanos
By: Catalina Gutiérrez
10th January

Hogar. Participatory Design workshop
A series of workshops at Casa del Migrante
Working together in La Casa del Migrante with a collective of migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador
workshops given together by architects: Ivan Juarez, Victor Gutierrez, Marcela López, Juan Manuel Tejada, José Sánchez and architecture students from Facultad del Hábitat
SLP, Mexico, 2011-12

Sensory Park
Inauguration First Phase
A Project made by x-studio. Iván Juárez


Article: x-studio: inner forest pine cone landscape pavilion
December 13th

Unifest. Short film Festival. Cineteca Alameda
Best experimental short film
Best documentary short film
The shortfilms Las Vias by Luis Fernando de Ávila and Interacción en el Paisaje Urbano by Luis González lira, Saúl Gutiérrez, Juan José Martínez Silva and Israel Torres,
which were conceived from the workshop Landscape Architecture given by Ivan Juarez
have obtained the best prizes in the Unifest Short Film Festival
9th December 2011

Experimental Architecture workshop
UTAN, University, Mexico
A workshop given by architects: Iván Juarez, Antonio Gorab, Marcela López and Juan Lozano de Po

Pesebre. Caja Real. Exhibition
Site specific intervention at University Cultural Center
2nd December

Urban Gardens. workshop
A series of urban ludic gardens using recycling materials
Habitat Faculty
December 2011

6 Miradas de la ciudad
Short Film Exhibition
At Mural. Facultad del Hábitat
November 2011

20th November Prize. exhibition
Inner Forest at Centro de Difusión Cultural, SLP

28a Semana del Hábitat
Aula Magna. Habitat Faculty
Lecture: Apuntes de viaje: memorias de una agenda de fotografías y dibujos
November 8th 2011

Architectural sketch workshop
Habitat Faculty
November 2011

Italian restaurant il pesto
A project made in collaboration with ciffiut
November 2011

Altares de Muertos. Exhibition
Iván Juárez. curator
At Habitat Faculty
November 2th 2011

Plan Magazine. Ireland
he project endless by
Ivan Juarez has been published
in Plan Magazne, Ireland
October 2011

Snohetta. Interview in Oslo
Interview and talk with Frank Nodland from Snohetta
Location: studio Snohetta, Oslo
by Iván Juarez
Norway, July 2011

Grant. Nordic Artists Centre at dalsåse, NKD, Norway
Given by The Norwegian Ministry of Culture
Creation of site specific Interventions: Inner Forest and
Frames, fragmented landscapes, Norway
May - July 2011

Bergen Architectural School, Norway
Lecture by Iván Juarez
First of June 2011

EPHEMERAL. Living Alternatives
Exhibition at Gallery Arquerías Nuevos Ministerios. Madrid
Dream House, project made within ex-studio
Curator: Carmen Blasco
Madrid, Spain
From February 16th, until May 29th 2011

Endless. Exhibition
Gallery UASLP University, San Luis Potosí, México
State Founds for Culture and Arts, Mexico
5th May 2011

College of Architects.SLP
Lecture. x-studio
April 13th 2011


Architectural Record. Design Vanguard
Prize Design Vanguard 2010
Ten World Young International Architects of the Year
given by Architectural Record
New York

SUBURBS around the world
Arkitekternes Hus Copenhaguen
Project: Flow, Bilbao Jardín, rail bridge, SLP
Curator: Pernille León

Urban Reforestation. Citizen participation workshop
Directed by Ivan Juarez
A participatory workshop with landscape students together with local neighbors
Mexico, 2010

Facultad del Hábitat, UASLP

ENEA. National Encounter of Architecture Students Mexico
Professor . Landscape and Architecture Design

Itinerary Workshop Lagos- SLP- León
Multidisciplinary Project: Linear Park Lagos
Facultad del Hábitat + Iberoamerican University, León
Mexico, 2010

Princeton Architectural Press
'Young Architects 11: Foresight
Architectural League of New York
Foresight is the eleventh in an annual series of publications that feature work by the winners of the Architectural League's annual competition for young architects.
Foreword by Teddy Cruz
Introduction by Anne Rieselbach
NY. Feb 2010

FELLOWSHIP. Creadores con Trayectoria
Fondo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes


Publication: Revista Paisea 012: LOW COST
Article: Observatorios del paisaje en el parque lineal de san michele di ganzaria. catania. sicilia. italia
27 march 2010

Centro de las Artes San Luis Potosi
IN : SITE . Architectural Intervention
workshop director

Publication Fine Fabric
By Chris Van Uffelen
Editorial: Natl Book Network


x.studio. prize winner. Young Architects Forum
Architectural League of New York.

Lecture: May 14th
Foresight . exhibition: May 14th>July 27th

x.studio obtained the Special award 'New Generation'
in the International Architecture Award for Interior Design.
From Contractworld award.
Hannover, Germany

x.studio is selected to participate in the
2010 Taipei International Garden and Horticulture Expo
Taipei, Taiwan

Siqueiros. Exhibition
Homage to a David Alfaro Siqueiros
Museo del Crudo di San Sperate
Sardinia , Cagliari, Italy
x.studio Curator and designer of the exhibition
June 12th 2009

The intervention Green Tower, made by x.studio, in Lausannejardins
Landscape architecture and urban gardening intervention
Lausanne, Switzerland
June 20th >October 24th 2009

x.studio in Wonderland Vienna
Symposium. Presentation of the Wonderland`s Spanish teams
at Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft (BIG), Vienna, Austria
June 23th 2099

x.studio director of the workshop in:site
Centro de las Artes San Luis Potosi
July 20th > July 31th 2009

La Salle, University
Ivan Juarez profesor at Master Diseño Arquitectónico
Leon, Mexico
July 24th > August 16th 2009

x studio Arquitecto Iván Juárez Architect Ivan Juarez Ivan Juarez x.studio :: X . S T U D I O :: Ivan Juarez x studio Arquitecto Iván Juárez Iván Juárez Arquitecto Iván Juárez Ivan Juarez architect Ivan Juarez Iván Juárez x-studio x . studio Ivan Juárez